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Quantitative Standardization of IHC Testing

Introducing the First Calibrators and Linear-Range Controls

Calibrated IHC (cIHC) technology delivers new capabilities for disease understanding, diagnosis, and treatment

At Boston Cell Standards, we developed the first truly quantitative on-slide controls and the only IHC/IF calibrators in the industry. These products feature cell-sized silica glass microbeads with targeted peptides or whole proteins attached. This design generates exact analyte concentrations, traceable to NIST SRM 1934.  It also allows for our products to be reliable, consistent, and inexpensive, and to provide answers to common IHC questions:

Inconsistent IHC staining?

cIHC identified 1 defective instrument out of 5

Stain looks lighter than usual?

cIHC identified an unsuspected protocol deviation

Difficult IHC test validation?

cIHC calibrators provided direct analytic sensitivity readouts for assay harmonization

Lot-to-lot variation?

BCS products provide a simple and inexpensive way to verify reagent consistency from lot-to-lot

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cIHC translates IHC QA from subjective images to objective metrics

Calibrated IHC provides quantitative test performance metrics and improvements that deliver unparalleled IHC accuracy, precision, and consistency from lab-to-lab and within a laboratory over time.

Lower limit of

Dynamic range

statistical analysis
of controls

Standard reference
materials and calibrators

Measurement traceability
and traceable units of

These metrics enable unparalleled levels of IHC accuracy and precision, consistency from lab-to-lab and within a laboratory over time.

Discover our cIHC Products

Boston Cell Standard Product Photo-9

Pre-printed calibrator array on a microscope slide

Boston Cell Standard Product Photo-2 (1)

Ready-to-use vial of controls in concentrations
matched to the IHC test

The only immunohistochemistry calibrators. Period.

The only liquid suspension IHC controls, delivering unparalleled homogeneity, reproducibility, and low-cost. 

These innovative products are made from proteins and peptides to deliver distinct IHC performance metrics

*Covered by patents EP3514543B1, EP3065704B1, and others pending.