Quantitative IHC Analytic Standards

Translating color & fluorescence to biomarker concentrations

Essential tools for making the right patient care decisions.

Quantitative IHC Standards:
What they are & why they’re important

Technologies that seemed fine at the time…

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A photo of IHC tissue controls

Providing IHC laboratories technology for the age of precision medicine

We Deliver the Tools to Enable Best Practices in IHC

Boston Cell Standard Product Photo-9

Pre-printed calibrator array on a microscope slide

Boston Cell Standard Product Photo-2 (1)

Ready-to-use vial of controls in concentrations
matched to the IHC test

The only immunohistochemistry calibrators. Period.

The only liquid suspension IHC controls, delivering unparalleled homogeneity, reproducibility, and low-cost. 

Innovative products delivering essential IHC performance metrics.

*Covered by patents EP3514543B1, EP3065704B1, and others pending.