About Us

Who We Are

Boston Cell Standards is a specialized biotech company dedicated to improving medical diagnostic testing technologies.

As a team, our mission is to improve patient outcomes by developing advancements in quality assurance and standardization in immunohistochemistry and in situ testing.

Boston Cell Standards Origin

Our story began in 2003. One of the BCS founders, Dr. Steve Bogen, had just sold the Artisan® special stainer (histopathology) product line to Dako Corp. (now Agilent) and returned to academia as Medical Director of the clinical chemistry laboratory, Boston Medical Center. That transition highlighted the contrast in laboratory practice between tissue (histopathology) vs. blood (clinical chemistry) diagnostic testing. Basic quality systems in clinical chemistry, such as reference standards, measurement traceability, units of measure, and Levey-Jennings QC analysis, were unheard-of in immunohistochemistry (histopathology).

Developing The Technology

With two other BCS co-founders, Dr. Seshi Sompuram and Ms. Vani Kodela, the group worked on and off over the years to develop a technology solution that would enable the integration of quantitative quality systems to IHC testing. Along the way, the team published 20 papers and were awarded several U.S. and European patents. These efforts led to a series of firsts:

validated IHC reference standard (NIST SRM 1934)

traceable units of measure in IHC testing (molecules of analyte per cell equivalent)

analytic response curves and lower limit of detection (LOD) determinations

Levey-Jennings graphs for IHC

Collectively, these quantitative quality tools comprise what we call “Calibrated IHC” (cIHC), which will allow the harmonization of IHC assays among laboratories.

Boston Cell Standards Mission

At BCS, we aim to empower pathologists, histotechnologists, and laboratory directors to achieve accurate, reproducible cellular biomarker testing. Our mission is to help them help patients.

Our Leadership Team


Steven Bogen, MD PhD
President & CEO, Co-Founder


Scott Hofmann-Reardon
Vice President,
Commercial Operations


Seshi Sompuram, PhD
Vice President and Co-Founder,
Research & Development


Kodela Vani, MS
Vice President and
Co-Founder, Manufacturing


Ron Zeheb, PhD
Scientific / Managerial Advisor


Tom Tachovsky, PhD
Scientific / Managerial Advisor


Joe Gentile
Advisor & Board Member


Gail Radcliffe, PhD
Regulatory Advisor


Devon C. Campbell, MSc
Development / Operations Advisor


Christie Johnson
Risk Management / Quality Systems Advisor


Melissa Shoemaker
Human Resource Adviser